In 1974, Gunther Guillaume, a special assistant to West German Chancellor Willy Brandt, was discovered to be a spy from East Germany. The chancellor was forced to resign.

A Comprehensive History of the Cold War, pg 342

About one in 100 East Germans was an informer for communist East Germany’s secret police. Around 189,000 people were informers the secret police of the GDR’s communist regime, when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

Thuringia State Office of Research, March 10, 2011

Die Gedanken sind frei. 
Thoughts are free.

Old German Proverb

Young women, primarily working in low-level positions within the ministry, may be targeted for HUMINT procedures, including (but not limited to) seduction, procurement of intelligence, isolation and termination.

CIA Special Operations Field Manual, December 1977

Die Mauer wird in 50 und auch in 100 Jahren noch bestehen bleiben.
The Berlin Wall will still be standing in 50 and even in 100 years.

Erich Honecker, GDR Head of State, East Berlin, January 19th 1989

I am totally alone, I don’t have any family, I don’t have any friends. I passed papers to Mr Schaeffer. He said he would pass it on to his institute to preserve worldwide peace.

Miss S Zimmermann, Secretary to Federal Minister Georg Leber, Bonn, 1974